SF9’s TaeYang Posts Impressive Dance Cover Of EXO’s ‘Obsession’

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TaeYang’s Instagram / SF9 Official

SF9‘s TaeYang proved his love for EXO one more time by posting an impressive dance cover of  ‘Obsession’.

On Nov. 30, TaeYang uploaded on his individual Instagram the cover of the new EXO’s song ‘Obsession’. He is a well-known fan of EXO‘s Kai and had covered EXO’s choreography at several times.

For this cover, he filmed it the day of the MV’s release and that even before the release of EXO’s stage performance or performance video. Despite the short time and busy schedule, he managed to cover it in detail and with perfection.

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Obsession #EXO #Obsession #SF9 #YOOTAEYANG

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For those of you who have yet to check EXO‘s ‘Obsession’, you can here.

FANTASY and netizens commented: ”TaeYang, wow crazy”, “As expected of EXO-L TaeYang”, “I’m so happy”, “As expected”, “Awesome”, “Thank you so much”, “He is in the middle of overseas schedule but he filmed this”, “Truly EXO-L”, “I love you”, “When did you had time to cover it?”, “So cool”, “Talented king”, “TaeYang is the best”, etc.

On V-Live on Dec. 1, he mentioned that he filmed it on the day of the release and hesitated to post this cover because he was not that confident about it. After thinking about it, he decided to post it on Nov. 30 at night.

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FANTASY loves TaeYang’s humbleness, passion, and talents.

If you are not following TaeYang yet, you can follow him here: @taeyang_0228.

Are you impressed too?