Shin So-yul becomes charismatic leader in new stills from ‘Big Issue’


Shin So-yul is gaining attention with her attractive and charismatic image for her character in Big Issue, which released new stills on February 27.

Big Issue is a drama about the chaotic world of celebrities and the paparazzi. It will feature stories on how news affects the lives of the people involved. Taking center stage in these stories is a celebrity photographer (played by Jo Jin-moo) whose life gets ruined due to a “single photo.” In an effort to pull himself together, he accepts the job offered by Han Ye-seul’s character, a notorious chief editor of a paparazzi group.

Photo Credit: Xports News

Meanwhile, Shin So-yul is playing Jang Hye-jeong, the head of the news coverage team of the country’s most notorious celebrity gossip newspaper, the Sunday Report. She used to be a TV writer and dreams to become a good journalist one day. Shin So-yul exudes charisma with her sharp stare. In the stills, it looks like her character is attending a press conference. This provokes curiosity as to what will happen in the event.

Shin So-yul is known for portraying characters with bright personalities in shows like Should We Kiss First, Alice in Cheongdam-dong, and Answer Me 1997. But in Big Issue, the actress has taken a 180-degree turn as she is set to show a different side to her acting skills.

Big Issue will premiere on March 6 on SBS, replacing The Last Empress in the Wednesday-Thursday prime time slot.

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