SHINee TaeMin Told An Adorable Lie Because He Once Felt Insecure

shinee taemin

SM Entertainment

If you’ve ever told a lie because you felt insecure, you’re not alone.

We might sometimes find ourselves in the midst of people who seem rich, classy, cool, and etc. And some people may have felt that they just didn’t fit in.

SHINee member TaeMin revealed in the past that he felt a similar way when he first visited the SM Entertainment building in the posh district of Gangnam.

He talked about how the buildings were really fancy and how everyone appeared really cool and sophisticated. He stated that he felt as if he was in a different country.

Which is why during his audition, he told a small lie because he felt a bit insecure at the time. When talking about himself during the interview process, he said that his favorite food was steak.

TaeMin stated that he had actually never eaten steak before in his life and that the closest food he tried was a burger in the school cafeteria.



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