‘Sky Castle’s Kim Dong-hee, Jung Da-bin confirmed for new Korean Netflix original series ‘Human Lessons’


Upcoming Korean Netflix original series Human Lessons announced its main cast on April 22. Young actors Kim Dong-hee and Jung Da-bin will be headlining the show, along with Park Joo-hyun, and Nam Yoon-soo. They are all rookie actors who were carefully selected for their roles through auditions.

Human Lessons is about a model student who commits crime in an effort to fund his future college education, along with his friends who join him later after knowing his secret. They get involved in a complicated situation in which they will learn the value of their life and decisions.

Kim Dong-hee, who made his acting debut last year in the record-breaking satirical drama Sky Castle, has taken on the role of Ji Soo, a high school student who does dirty work so he can pay for his college tuition. Jung Da-bin (Should We Kiss First) will play Min Hee, Ji-soo’s classmate who teams up with him in doing his crimes. Jung is a lot more experienced than the other three main cast members as she already appeared in at least 20 dramas since 2005.

Meanwhile, Park Joo-hyun will play Gyu Ri, another classmate who ends up joining Ji Soo’s illegal activities while Nam Yoon-soo will portray Gi Tae, Min Hee’s boyfriend.

Veteran actors Choi Min-soo (Lawless Lawyer), Park Hyuk-kwon (Where Stars Land), and Kim Yeo-jin (My Strange Hero) have also joined the cast as major supporting actors. Choi will appear as Ji Soo’s assistant, Park as a homeroom teacher, and Kim as a police officer.

Human Lessons will be directed by Kim Jin-min of Lawless Lawyer, The Liar and His Lover, and Marriage Contract.

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