Son SeungYeon Reveals How BTS V Approached Her

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Just recently on an episode of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, singer Son SeungYeon revealed something a little something special that happened to her.

She talked about her friendship with world famous idol of BTS.

Son stated that V approached her one time and told her he was a fan of hers one time when they met at her waiting room. In fact, he personally went to visit because he was such a big fan. How sweet.  This naturally lead them to exchanging contact infos with each other.

The singer asked the managers if it was ok for them to exchange numbers with each other.

It turns out that he called her right away and asked where she was and if she was returning for rehearsals later. The show’s host Kim KookJin jokingly added that this was clearly a sign that he had zero feelings, making everyone burst into laughter.

Son SeungYeon Reveals How BTS V Approached Her


She also mentioned how surprised she was as well. She was mainly surprised by how social V was. We don’t blame her as V does have a mysterious aura around him and seems like he’d be quiet.

But of course, ARMY would know best that he’s actually a softie who smiles a lot and socializes very well, despite being devilish handsome and having an intimidating stare at times.

It turns out that the two started to contact each other less after BTS’s major rise to global superstardom, most likely due to busy schedules.

Fortunately, V being the sweet friend that he is continues to occasionally promote Son SeungYeon on social media.