Son Ye Jin is a South Korean Heiress in Love with Hyun Bin’s North Korean Officer in Romance Drama Crash Landed Love


The premise is out for Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin‘s upcoming K-drama and it’s pretty head scratchy. It’s either going to be epically good or so comically bad the only reason the two are doing it is so that they can get married afterwards in real life and claim it was this drama that brought them together after earlier denying all those dating rumors. I dunno but Crash Landed Love (or Love’s Crash Landing) sounds like a bad rom-com movie script – Son Ye Jin plays a top 1% wealthy South Korean heiress who crash lands in North Korea after a paragliding/parachuting mishap and Hyun Bin is the handsome capable North Korean military officer who hides her presence and then they fall in love. Like wuh? I don’t doubt the acting ability of these two gorgeous movie stars, nor their ability to generate romantic chemistry with each other, but goodness does the script synopsis sound stupid as all out. Oh wells, it might all coalesce into something amazing since the drama is coming from the writer of You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea with the PD of Life on Mars and Romance is a Bonus Book.