Song HyeKyo’s Legal Rep Says Actress Will Be Taking Legal Action Against People Involved In Malicious Rumors

song hyekyo

Just recently on July 25th, actress Song HyeKyo’s agency UAA announced that they’ve filed a formal complaint with the Bundang Police Station against several people involved in defamation and spreading malicious rumors about the actress.

Ever since her divorce with actor Song JoongKi, it seems that the media simply won’t leave her alone, causing misunderstandings.

The actress’s side hired the services of law firm Kim & Change back in June 28th, and has been preparing legal action ever since. Given that some of the rumors about the reasons for the actress’s divorce are highly inappropriate and socially unacceptable, UAA is quite intent on making sure that the defamation of the actress is put to an end for good.

The evidence collected at the moment include various online communities, unnamed YouTubers, and comment writers on various different news articles.

Stay tuned for updates!