Song Joong Ki Goes From Country Boy to Intense Warrior in New Arthdal Chronicles Drama Stills


Now this looks wayyyyyyy better but sadly I’m mostly checked out now. Arthdal Chronicles released new drama stills for this weekend’s new episodes showing male lead Song Joong Ki looking like a warrior ninja ready to avenge his loved ones. For four episodes he’s looked like a harmless country bumpkin with that mop of round curly hair and now it’s tied back because he means business but there are artful loose tendrils on the sides to give him that requisite dash of dashing. I really love this look on Song Joong Ki, it’s kinda like when his Kang Maru in Nice Guy went from lovelorn crime patsy with stars in his eyes for his noona into a calculating male gigolo wanting to use women for revenge. Hope this Arthdal transformation means his character really gets into the thick of moving his Tanya-saving quest forward.