Song Joong Ki Wraps Brunei Overseas Filming for Asadal Chronicles and Takes Lots of Pictures with Fans


While K-ent is immolating from within this past week, K-actor Song Joong Ki was pretty darn far away doing his job out in Brunei filming the overseas location shoot portion of upcoming sageuk drama Asadal Chronicles. It looked quite rustic indeed as the production team snapped a group picture after wrap and everyone schlepped back to South Korea for more filming. Song Joong Ki was his friendly professional self as always as evidenced by the many pictures he snapped with fans and production team members alike and which were prompted posted online. I love that he doesn’t need to be made up or cleaned up to take pictures, he’s so whatever and chill with himself I love it. I’m glad the Brunei portion went well, hope the production got some amazing backdrops for the drama to showcase.