Song JoongKi & Song HyeKyo Are Now Officially Divorced

song joongki song hyekyo

Well, while we initially thought that the marriage between actors Song JoongKi and Song HyeKyo would have went on to become one of the most beautiful union between two people that South Korea has ever seen, those expectations have unfortunately been short-lived.

Song JoongKi filed for divorce on June 27th.

It is heart-breaking to see the pair going through difficult times and we’re quite certain that fans feel the same way as well.

It was announced on July 22nd 10 AM KST that both Song JoongKi and Song HyeKyo’s side reached settlements with the divorce. However, no details regarding how their assets would be divided were revealed to the public.

They were married for twenty months in total and have cited differences in personality as the reason for the divorce. Both have also resumed with their promotions as usual.