Song JoongKi & Song HyeKyo Divorced? Chinese Media Claims It’s True

song joongki song hyekyo

We’re quite certain the world will refuse to believe it if they were told that actor Song JoongKi and his actress wife Song HyeKyo had a divorce, even if it’s true. How could they possibly divorce each other? They were literally made for each other.

However, Chinese news agencies are currently fake news and claiming that the two top stars within the K-Pop film industry have called it quits as husband and wife.


In addition, Chinese news agencies claimed to have “proof”. So what exactly was it? It turns out that a recent photo of the actress without her wedding ring was sufficient evidence enough for them to conclude that the two have divorced each other. We know. We are also just lost for words at the absurdity of the logic and reasoning behind the whole thing as well.

song hyekyo


In addition, Chinese news agencies also falsely reported that Song HyeKyo deleted all the photos of her with her husband Song JoongKi, including their wedding photos.

However, this too was completely untrue. All one simply had to do was visit the actress’s Instagram account to see that photos of her with her husband were still there.

song joongki song hyekyo


Why on earth would the Chinese news agency be spreading false news about these two lovely people? If you have any idea as to why, feel free to make a suggestion. We’d like to hear about it!