Sultan Of The Disco Reveal Just How Easy It Is To Manipulate Charts

sultan of the disco


Sajaegi chart manipulation is one of the most controversial topics plaguing the K-Pop scene at the moment.

While it was commonly believed that in order to even manipulate the charts and buy your way to the top using third party companies to purchase fake listeners by spending a hefty sum of money, it turns out that chart manipulations do not require as much money either, making it an easy option for almost anyone to take the number one spot.

Indie band Sultan of the Disco recently appeared during a podcast to explain how it is possible.

They first talked about how they too were offered a chance to manipulate the charts after being approached by an agency.

They explained that anyone who has officially been an artist in the music industry, are given the same chances as agencies that specialize in chart manipulations approach ambiguous artists.

Sultan of the Disco have been around for ten years, and were eligible candidates.

They stated:

“Even if an artist or their agency don’t have the funding, the agency providing chart manipulation services provide the res.”

This scenario is also possible because the chart manipulations provider would take 80% of the profits made from chart rankings while the artist takes the remaining 20%.

Artists who have been accused of chart manipulations have stated that they couldn’t possibly have done what they were accused of because they didn’t have the money to afford chart manipulations.

However, it seems like that may not be the case after all since chart manipulations actually do not require lots of money to pull off.