Super Junior KangIn’s Agency Confirms That He Was In Jung JoonYoung’s Chat Room

super junior kangin

Label SJ has recently released an official statement regarding the news of Super Junior member KangIn being a participant of Jung JoonYoung’s scandalous chat room where the distribution of explicit videos that were filmed with hidden cameras has been rampant for several years.

The agency stated that KangIn was in a chat room with Jung JoonYoung when the two were filming a variety show together three years ago. Label SJ has also clarified that KangIn did not distribute nor receive any explicit hidden camera videos based on his memory.

In addition, the agency has also stated if KangIn is needed by the South Korean authorities for investigation, both the agency and the K-Pop idol would be more than willing to cooperate as they have nothing to hide.

Based on the statement released by the agency and the circumstances, it seems that KangIn was in a different chat room with Jung JoonYoung for the purposes of filming the variety shows.

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