Super M The “Avengers Of K-Pop” Launches Website & Instagram

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A few days ago, SM announced that be currently working on their very own ultimate group. The group is composed of members of the agency’s boy groups.

SHINee‘s TaeMin, EXO‘s BaekHyun & Kai, NCT‘s TaeYong & Mark, and WayV‘s Lucas & Ten are forming the group named Super M. SM precised that it will not affect their original group.

The group was introduced as the “Avengers of K-Pop”. Jeff Benjamin present at the Capitol Congress also reported that the group will debut in October in the U.S. and will have “massive marketing”.

Just a few minutes ago the group opened an Instagram, check it below.

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#WeAreTheFuture #SuperM #TAEMIN @lm_____ltm #BAEKHYUN @baekhyunee_exo #KAI @zkdlin #TAEYONG #MARK @nct #LUCAS #TEN @wayvofficial #smtown @smtown

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They also opened an official website.

Many are curious and are waiting for more information about the group.

Are you excited about their debut?