SuperM Releases Promotion Schedule And Confirms Debut Date

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SuperM has confirmed their debut date and it will be taking place on Oct. 4.

Just like how the fans had previously predicted, it seems like they will be able to meet the members of SuperM in about a month’s time.

In addition, they have also released the official promotion schedule which allow the fans to find out on which day the members’ teasers will be released.

According to SM Entertainment and CMG, they shared that there will be 5 songs in the mini album “SuperM”. To hype up their fans even more, it was revealed that Producer Lee SooMan had personally participated in the producing and it was also expected that SuperM will be bringing stunning and jaw-dropping performance with their debut.

SuperM consists of SHINee‘s TaeMin, EXO‘s BaekHyun and Kai, NCT 127‘s TaeYong & Mark, WayV‘s Lucas and Ten.

Are you looking forward to their debut this coming October?