Supporting Actor Min Jin Woong Wins the Male Breakout Prize in Memories of Alhambra


If child actress Lee Re playing the young sister role was the female breakout in tvN fantasy drama Memories of Alhambra, the male breakout has got to go to supporting actor Min Jin Woong as the loyal and goofy Secretary Seo. Little cutie pie secretary’s death was the hardest one to swallow in the drama, and in fact his entire arc in many ways was even more heartbreaking that male lead Jin Woo’s never ending quest to battle his nemesis daily. Secretary Seo did nothing wrong and paid the price because he was so protective of Jin Woo and wanted to support him.

Jin Woo played a part in his own Groundhog Day problem by battling Hyun Seok to the death in the game because it was a dick waving contest between them. Even if he didn’t intend to kill him, Hyun Seok still died in real life and the quest after is Jin Woo paying penance (and then some). Secretary Seo was Jin Woo’s “partner” and companion in the only meaningful way rather than the shoehorned love interest that was Hee Joo. It helped that Min Jin Woong was surprisingly memorable and charismatic with his acting, I’ll remember Secretary Seo/City Hunter fondly.