Suspicious Circumstances Surround Actress Han JiSung’s Tragic Death

han jisung

News reports on May 8th of actress Han JiSung’s tragic death in a car accident on a freeway near the Incheon International Aiport came as a shock to the nation.

Based on the reports and statement given by her husband, the actress passed away in the most unfortunate circumstances, as she stopped her vehicle because her husband was in need of using a restroom. The car was parked in the middle of the freeway and the actress was hit by two speeding vehicles as she was waiting for her husband.

The actress’s husband stated that he went to relieve himself in the woods because there was no restroom nearby, and discovered that the accident had already occurred by the time he returned.

A recent CCTV footage recovered by the police has also discovered that the actress had also exited her vehicle first before her husband after parking in the middle of the freeway. And after approximately ten seconds, the accident occurred, making it possible that the husband could have witnessed the accident, contrary to his statement saying he didn’t see it happening but only found out after returning.

In addition, the husband was also seen in the footages bending down.

Investigations are still ongoing at the moment as police are trying to piece together everything based on blackbox footages and the husband’s statement.

Stay tuned for updates!