Sweet and Sincere Romance Heats Up Her Private Life with Sizzling Chemistry Between the Leads


Sorry for the gap in writing about tvN Wed-Thurs drama Her Private Life. It feels like my own private slice of heaven, I am so protective of this adorable and sweet drama, and of the two leads Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young who have ascended permanently to my bae status. Ratings have stayed steady in the 2.5% range through episode 6 but the romance has skyrocketed to new levels of squee and fanning myself OMG. The tropes are old but the heady sense of attraction it elicits is fresh and fierce, I can literally see the tension and sparks between Deok Mi and her Lion in every second between them.

Plot wise all the misunderstandings and set up has been quickly cleared up and all that remains is a man charmed and slowing opening his heart up to a woman and a woman who is walking into adult romance without a clue she is. I love that Ryan is falling for Deok Mi even knowing she’s a super Shi An fangirl, because that doesn’t define her. It’s a hobby that’s harmless but he sees through that and also her work place capabilities to the balanced person she is inside, a kind and thoughtful art curator with an eye towards appreciating the prettiest men around.