Switch: Change The World: Korean Drama Review

Korean Drama, Switch: Change The World Sa Do-Chan is a genius con artist. He is not only talented in conning people but is also well-versed with the law. He impersonated the prosecutor, Baek Joon-Soo

Switch: Change The World Cast

Sa Do-Chan – Jang Keun-Suk
Baek Joon-Soo – Jang Keun-Suk
Oh Ha-Ra – Han Ye-Ri
Geum Tae-Woong – Jung Woong-In
Director Bong – Jo Hee-Bong
So Eun-Ji – Shin Do-Hyun
Jeon In-Tae – An Seung-Hwan
Choi Jung-Pil – Lee Jung-Kil
Jo Sung-Doo – Kwon Hwa-Woon
Manager Kim – Song Won-Seok
Yang Ji-Soong – Park Won-Sang
Jung Do-Young – Choi Jae-Won
Oh So-Ra – Lee Joo-Yeon

Switch: Change The World Plot

Sa Do-Chan is a genius con artist. He is not only talented in conning people but is also well-versed with the law. Born from a con artist father, he formed a team of con artists to make believable settings. He is also seeking revenge for his father’s death.

Baek Joon-Soo is a prosecutor who wields the law to punish criminals. He is very thorough and does things by the book. An unfortunate car crash sends him laying down in a hospital, unable to fulfill his duties.

Sa Do-Chan, in one of his antics, impersonated Baek Joon-So. He wanted to end things by just earning money but later on decided to continue his facade because being a prosecutor can help him avenge his father. Together with another prosecutor, Oh Ha-Ra, they carefully plan their moves to defeat Sa Do-Chan’s father’s killer, Geum Tae-Woong.

Baek Joon-Soo, as a law-abiding prosecutor was reluctant with Sa Do-Chan helping but later on agreed due to his declining health. The two of them switch whenever the situation calls to catch the criminal.

My Thoughts On Switch: Change The World

This review includes spoilers to make my views clear about this drama. Carry on reading if you are fine reading major spoilers. 

I really enjoyed watching this drama because it is fast-paced. We cannot deny that the main character in this drama is incredibly looking good. He switches personality well. He becomes playful when playing Sa Do-Chan and is dead serious when playing Baek Joon-Soo.

I really love the plot of this drama. There is a lot of twists on it. Sometimes I keep on guessing if it is Baek Joon-Soo or if it is Sa Do-Chan impersonating Baek Joon-Soo. The first scene that got me was when they were having a team meal and they forced Baek Joon-Soo to show his scar because they were doubting that he is Sa Do-Chan. Baek Joon-Soo at that time acted like Sa Do-Chan in the beginning and he fooled his co-workers when he finally showed his scar and stopped his coworker’s doubt. By doing that, Sa Do-Chan had more freedom in the office when it is time for him to pretend as Baek Joon-Soo. 

Even if Sa Do-Chan is a genius impersonator, he still has a few problems because he hasn’t worked in a prosecutor’s office before. He does not understand some of the lingos in the office and that what made others suspicious of him.

Sa Do-Chan’s settings are sometimes unbelievable but still good to watch. In episode 2, he was able to fool Oh Ha-Ra by having a fake injury just to get the evidence all to himself. He does not do all things on his own but hires other people to make his setting believable to others.

There are some scenes in this drama though that are predictable. First is Sa Do-Chan’s motive in catching Geum Tae-Woong. It is to avenge his father’s death. Later on, he learned that his father was still alive and met him shortly before he died. Another one is the usual corrupt prosecutors who are in the higher position. The corrupt chief made it difficult for Sa Do-Chan and Oh Ha-Ra to catch Geum Tae-Woong.

We have a subtle romance in this drama but I’m afraid it will not satisfy those who are romance seekers. Oh Ha-Ra is not your Cinderella type of woman who needs a prince to change her life. She is brave and fights well – physically and using the law. In episode 1, she jumped over the turnstile to get into her office because she didn’t have her ID when she heard that Baek Joon-Soo got into an accident. 

Korean Drama, Switch: Change The World Oh Ha-Ra is a prosecutor. She partners with Sa Do-Chan, a genius con artist to catch the drug lord Geum Tae Wong.

Initially, Oh Ha-Ra likes Baek Joon-Soo but later on likes Sa Do-Chan as well. She is the main reason why Sa Do-Chan was able to impersonate Baek Joon-Soo. She provided access to the prosecutor’s office even if she knew that she could be fired. She did it to catch the rich but evil Geum Tae-Woong. Geum Tae-Woong is also smart and he fights back with his settings as well. He was the only one who uncovered Sa Do-Chan’s cover by comparing his and Baek Joon-Soo’s voice. With that, he was able to corner Sa Do-Chan and released his identity to the public.

As the drama progressed, you will see the brotherhood between Sa Do-Chan and Baek Joon-Soo. They protected each other. Baek Joon-Soo was even willing to die in Sa Do-Chan’s place just to protect him and for him to catch Geum Tae-Woong but Sa Do-Chan did not let that happen.

If you are into action, I highly recommend this drama. If you’re looking for romance, this might not be the best for you. You may also watch Doubtful Victory if you are looking for a similar Korean drama.

Korean Drama, Switch: Change The World Sa Do-Chan is a genius con artist. He is not only talented in conning people but is also well-versed with the law. He impersonated the prosecutor, Baek Joon-Soo