Teaser and Script Reading Stills for SBS Drama Doctor John with Ji Sung and Lee Se Young


It’s been over ten years but the wait was worth it to see Ji Sung don his white coat and scrubs again. I became a Ji Sung fan after his New Heart and that’s still one of my fave medical dramas. He’s playing a different kind of doctor this time in the upcoming SBS drama Doctor John, with him and female lead Lee Se Young both being anesthesiologists grappling with how to assists patients exhibiting strange and acute chronic pain. Directing is the PD of Thirty But Seventeen, Pinocchio, and I Can Hear Your Voice, with the script by the writer of Hyde, Jekyll, Me, and Cheondamdong Alice. Please no split personalities and I think I can give this screenwriter a second chance, lol. The first teaser is nicely atmospheric with the Hippocratic Oath and plenty of body stretching by the Ji Sung.

Teaser for Doctor John: