Tencent Entertainment Denies Cai XuKun & KyulKyung Dating Rumors

cai xukun kyulkyung

So just recently, rumors of former Nine Muses member KyulKyung and NINE PERCENT member Cai XuKun dating have been plaguing the internet.

The whole rumor first began to spiral out of control when certain people speculated that the two stars were in a relationship based on having Weibo profile picture of similar concepts. And some people also thought that Cai XuKun’s profile picture looking towards the right and KyulKyung’s profile picture facing towards the left somehow seemed to be a hint that they were facing each other.


However, Cai XuKun’s agency Tencent Entertainment has released an official statement responding to the rumors.

The agency stated:

“There is no such relationship between the two stars. Cai XuKun is currently much too pre-occupied on his music to be in a relationship.”

Stay tuned for updates!