That One Time BTS Learned How To Twerk


Big Hit Entertainment

Ever wondered how BTS would look like twerking?

Some ARMY may already know if they watched the third episode of ‘American Hustle Life’. They would also know just how crazy the dance lesson that they were taking became.

RM and JiMin once had to take twerking lessons while the rest of the pack watched in amusement. JiMin even walked up to the dance instructor telling her that it wasn’t a good idea for them to try it out.

He said:

“We’re guys.”


RM was a bit too direct when he revealed which body parts he could feel were moving.


Causing J-Hope to fall down in laughter.


And RM seemed to suddenly be getting a little too in to the dance lesson. Jin commented saying that RM’s facial expressions were turning quite erotic.


You can check out the full clip below!