The Female K-Pop Idol Who Was Actually Kidnapped Before

lee bon


There has actually been a case of kidnapping within the K-Pop scene in the past.

Back in the 90’s, veteran idol Lee Bon, was kidnapped by a sasaeng fan. She revealed the story on an episode ‘Kim SooMi’s Did You Eat?’.

So the story goes something like this.

Lee Bon was wrapping up her schedule one night. She was preparing to go home after a filming session and her manager leaves first to heat up the car as it was during the winter. As she was heading down a long stairway, she suddenly passes out just as she’s about to get near the car.

The next thing she knows, she wakes up in a room and has no idea where she is. Lee Bon stated that she heard two men outside the room talking. According to her, they were arguing about why one of them brought her to the house, saying it was a terrible mistake to do so. She then boldly comes out of the room and demands to know why she had been brought to the house.

It turns out that the man who kidnapped her did what he did for his brother, who happened to be a big fan of her. Of course, his brother clearly was disapproving of what happened.

So what did Lee Bon do? She actually then asked them to show her around their neighborhood while deciding to spend the day with them. Eventually, they let her return.

But the story doesn’t end just there.

The next day, a yellow luxury sports car was sent to her. Lee Bon revealed that the fan sent the car as a proposal gift. She rejected his offer several times.

Fortunately for Lee Bon, that was the last of it and is safe and sound to this date.