‘The Fiery Priest’ reaches 17 percent in viewership ratings


The Fiery Priest is on fire lately, achieving viewership ratings that have brought SBS nothing but success.

According to Nielsen Korea, the investigative comedy series, which premiered on February 15, renewed its highest ratings on March 1 when its 10th episode recorded a nationwide audience share of 17.2 percent, which is higher than the 9th episode’s 14.0 percent. In the Seoul metropolitan area, the 10th episode got 19.5 percent, nearly hitting the highly coveted 20 percent mark.

In the following day, the series saw a slight decline in nationwide ratings, obtaining 13.1 and 16.0 percent which are still very decent numbers.

Meanwhile, its rival variety shows on MBC and KBS2 recorded less than 3 percent in ratings. The Fiery Priest is the first-ever Friday-Saturday series of SBS and with its recent success in the ratings race, it is highly possible that the network will continue to air dramas on the said time slot.

The Fiery Priest tells the story of a hot-tempered clergyman who teams up with a smart prosecutor and a violent crimes detective in an effort to solve a murder case. It stars Kim Nam-gil as the titular fiery priest, Kim Sung-kyun as the detective, and Lee Ha-nee as the prosecutor. The actors have been working hard for the drama.

On March 2, it was reported that Kim Nam-gil had suffered from a rib fracture while shooting a scene for the drama. Due to the incident, the filming for the series was put on hold for at least one day.

The Fiery Priest airs every Friday and Saturday on SBS at 10 p.m. KST.

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