The K-Pop Idol Who Was Hit In The Face By Kimbap

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Dingo Music Screenshot

We have heard of the kimchi slap that happens in K-Dramas but did you also know that recently, one K-Pop idol was unfortunately smacked by a kimbap on his face during a game?

The idol is none other than VICTON ‘s HanSe and the unfortunate incident took place during the filming for Dingo Music “Loyalty Game”.

Take a look for yourself below!

The K-Pop Idol Who Was Hit In The Face By Kimbap

During the game where their positions and rankings were determined, each member was equipped with a ‘weapon’ to hit the bowling pins on the floor. In order to do so, the ‘weapon’ is tied onto a hat and they had to spin with their head.

Member SeJun‘s ‘weapon’ is a kimbap and when it was his turn, the kimbap had broke loose from the hat!

The K-Pop Idol Who Was Hit In The Face By Kimbap

It eventually headed towards HanSe and landed right onto this face!

The moment had caused huge laughter among the rest of VICTON members as well as those who were watching the show. You can watch the full episode below too.

HanSe had later commented on a recent V-Live that the sesame oil smell from the kimbap was so strong he had a hard time getting rid of it.

VICTON will be holding their 1st concert in Jan. 4 & 5 in Olympic Hall next year.

Did you also find the moment hilarious?