The Leads are Charmingly in Webtoon Character in New Stills for Clean With Passion For Now


It’s less than two weeks away for the premiere of jTBC webtoon adapted K-drama Clean With Passion For Now and after all the casting changes and commentary I’m just ready to see how it all turns out. A new batch of drama stills and BTS pics continue to showcase female lead Kim Yoo Jung as so adorable she’s a veritable doll, albeit one that is messy and sloppy in this character. Her onscreen kindred spirit is played by second male lead Song Jae Rim who appears to live in track suits and has the same goofy demeanor as Kim Yoo Jung. Male lead Yoon Kyun Sang is the straight man in this comic, OCD and uptight but once thawed out by Kim Yoo Jung’s cuteness he seems ready to embrace life as she sees it.