‘The Light In Your Eyes’ concludes broadcast with rating close to 10%


On March 19, JTBC’s The Light In Your Eyes ended its broadcast on a high note with a record nationwide viewership of 9.7 percent, according to Nielsen Korea. The 12-episode drama beat its previous peak record of 8.5 percent and became the most viewed show during its time slot.

The Light In Your Eyes is a fantasy romance drama about a woman, played by Han Ji-min, who has the ability to travel back in time which she uses to her advantage, only to end up stuck living as the older version of herself, played by Kim Hye-ja. Playing the male lead in the series is Nam Joo-hyuk.

The series, which is also known as Dazzling and Radiant, started off its broadcast on February 11 with a modest audience share of 3.2 %, which doubled in three weeks, making it the first ever Monday-Tuesday JTBC drama that hit 6 percent in viewership.

The most-watched scene in the drama’s finale is Kim Hye-ja narrating about her life. Her character touched a lot of viewers as she says, “All days shined for me. You might be going through a tough time in life, but you also have the right to enjoy everything. You deserve it because you were born in this world.”

Meanwhile, He Is PsychometricThe Light In Your Eyes‘ rival show on tvN, recorded 1.9% and 2.1% for its two most recent episodes. It stars Park Jin-young and Shin Ye-yeun.

Replacing The Light In Your Eyes in JTBC’s Monday-Tuesday prime time slot is Welcome to Waikiki 2, which will premiere on March 25.

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