The Reason Why The 2 Women Allegedly Sexually Assaulted By Actor Kang JiHwan Called Friends & Not The Police For Help

kang jihwan

Just recently on July 9th, South Korean actor Kang JiHwan was arrested after being accused of sexually assaulting two female colleagues in his home.

According to reports, the actor and his colleagues went back to his house after an agency gathering for drinks. The women claim that they were trapped and sexually assaulted by the actor.

And if you’ve kept up with the news report, you might have been wondering why the two women called their acquaintances for help and not the police right away.

On July 14th, the victims’ lawyer stated that the women’s phones did not have a strong signal. South Korean broadcasting station Channel A has also stated that the phones revealed thirteen outgoing calls that never reached the receiver. It has been revealed that one of the women connected her phone to WiFi and texted an acquaintance saying that they were trapped inside the actor’s house.

Kang JiHwan was arrested shortly afterwards.

At the moment, the actor is claiming that he does not remember what happened after having drank too much. In addition, DNA evidence has been forwarded to forensics for further examination.

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