The Times K-Pop Fans Embarrassed Their Idols

ong seongwu


When you have fans filled with so much passion and devotion to their idols, something wild is definitely bound to happen at some point when they meet.

But idol love that fans have is something that is quite amusing to see, especially from a third person’s point of view.

Below are some wild moments from fans that have caused K-Pop idols to be embarrassed.


I’m Going To Sue You Suga For Making Me Helplessly Fall In Love With You!

It’s illegal to be as attractive as Suga, literally.



The Screaming (?) Girl Whenever SooYoung Sings

Props to SooYoung for maintaining composure. We couldn’t help but crack up every time we heard this fan.


Can You Yell The Name Of Your Favorite Idol Louder Than This Fan?

We’re seriously concerned about this fan’s vocal cords.


The Legendary Ong SeongWu Fan

This fan is almost as famous as Ong SeongWu by now. She dressed up in a yellow jump suit and caught Wanna One off guard as she danced away.

ong seongwu fan

Sunshine Bright