The Upcoming Drama That Has Already Over 1 Million Views For Its Teaser

vagabond drama, vagabond, vagabond teaser

The drama that everyone is waiting in and out of Korea is none other than “Vagabond” with Lee SeungGi, Suzy, and Shin SungRok.

The story of an ordinary man who got involved in a case of a civilian plane crash. In the middle of a hidden truth, he tries to dig up a huge national corruption. It is the story of vagabonds who lost their family, affiliation, and name in a frank and extremely dangerous adventure to discover the truth. For characters descriptions, posters and more, don’t forget to check our cast and summary here.


“Vagabond” casting was announced last summer. It was first planned to air in May but was postponed to this fall. The drama will premiere on Sept. 20 on SBS and will be available on Netflix.

The first teaser of the drama had reached more than 1 million views on Naver TV! On YouTube, it has 285,032 views. (Data retrieved on Aug. 28 1:40 pm.)

vagabond drama, vagabond, vagabond teaser

Naver TV Screenshot

vagabond drama, vagabond, vagabond teaser

YouTube Screenshot

Many people are looking forward and are curious about this drama.

SBS just released the second teaser on Aug. 28, check it below.

Are you waiting for “Vagabond”?