The Way JiMin & V Stretch Vs. JungKook & Jin Stretch Are Polar Opposites


Hollywood Reporter

Just recently, a dance practice video of BTS warming up for their ‘BLACK SWAN’ performance surfaced online.

The group recently performed it live on ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden’ for the first time while also playing a hilarious game of hide and seek with Ashton Kutcher.


And the way that some of the members prepared by stretching was quite entertaining to watch, especially because how different the vibes were between some of the members.

This is and JiMin stretching. As you can see, JiMin is doing his best to help V get his body as flexible as possible. Everything seems to be going well. V just seems to need a bit of time to loosen up.



Meanwhile, over at JungKook and Jin’s side…


It almost appears as if Jin is trying to break free from JungKook’s iron grip hug.

You can check out the full clip below!