Throwback: Ishihara Satomi Gorgeously Models Wide Ranging Styles for Elle Taiwan 2017


J-actress Ishihara Satomi recently came in 2nd in a viewer poll of the top Heisei era (1989-2019) actress but she’s my personal number 1. She would actually be tied with Horitaka Maki who didn’t make the top 10 list and has since retired last year but the two really exemplify a very modern Japanese beauty I find so enchanting. Dynamic and versatile, Satomi is both girly and womanly at the same time depending on how she’s styled. She is even convincing as a tomboy for roles that call for such and she’s always a treat for me to watch onscreen. Two years ago she was featured in an Ella Taiwan cover and pictorial which isn’t all that frequent for J-stars so this is a spread I’ve wanted to share for awhile. Enjoy as the Heisei era ends this month and who knows what the Reiwa era will bring in terms of new iconic J-stars for the next generation.