Top 10 K-actor Favorites in Poll of Japanese Female Fans


This poll pool of this list is on the smaller side, over 2000 viewers asked, but it definitely confirms who I think Japanese fans like among the current male K-actors. Top of the list remains Jang Geuk Seok and when asked why the response is always You’re Beautiful. Same goes for second place Lee Min Ho, everyone who loves him still calls back to Boys Before Flowers. Amazing staying power of these two among Japanese ladies. Third place is Jaejoong, the Big Bang love in Japan is insane and honestly Yoochun would be on this top 10 list prior to his major scandal for sure. Fourth spot goes to Lee Jun Ki and the fans still wax rhapsodic over his career making performance in The King and the Clown. Last but not least So Ji Sub rounds out the top five for a combination of What Happened in Bali and I’m Sorry, I Love You. Check out the full top 10 below.

  1. Jang Geun Seok

  2. Lee Min Ho
  3. Kim Jaejoong

  4. Lee Jun Ki
  5. So Ji Sub

  6. Kim Soo Hyun
  7. Ji Sung

  8. Jang Hyuk

  9. Park Hyung Sik
  10. Gong Yoo