Top 3 Romantic Scenes Of Ong SeongWu & Kim HyangGi In “At Eighteen”

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The korean drama “At Eighteen” left many viewers in sorrow after ending just recently. I guess it’s time to bid farewell to this drama.

Many were impressed with Ong SeongWu‘s strong acting performance even though this was his first drama. A lot of viewers also thought that Ong SeongWu (as Choi JoonWoo) and Kim HyangGi (as Yoo SooBin) was sweet as a couple in the drama.


With completion of the drama, it is time to re-watch the 3 leading romantic scenes of “At Eighteen”. Which romantic scene did you like? Let us know in the comments section down below.

1- Umbrella with his hands

It is hard to believe that Ong SeongWu as Choi JoonWoo has no experience in dating because his actions are the one of a dating expert. Do you remember this scene from the first episodes of the drama?

Both of them were in the streets without an umbrella when they met. Ong SeongWu made an umbrella with his hands to protect her. This scene made us swoon for him.

2- Stop the ball

Here is another romantic and sweet moment. During a dodge ball game, Ong SeongWu was protecting Kim HyangGi from far and then he suddenly stopped the ball with his back before it hit her.

This heart-fluttering scene can mainly be seen in high school romance dramas.

3- Sweet hug at the party

The first hug of the two main characters also made hearts skip a beat. There had been some issues between them and they were not close anymore. Ong SeongWu went to look for Kim HyangGi at the high school trip’s dancing party and hugged her while saying “Stay by my side”.