Top 3 Scenes That Make You Want To Fall In Love This Week

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Have you been watching dramas these days? If not, you are missing many great scenes! If you like romance, this new Kpopmap series might be for you. Be aware of spoilers.

We made a selection of three scenes from K-Dramas from this week that will make your heart flutter by their cuteness and romantic vibes and will make you want to fall in love. These scenes are the sweetest of this week. No more words, here is the list!

Let us know in the comment which scene you prefer and/or what is the sweetest scene of this week episodes according to you.


1- He Is Psychometric”

GOT7‘s JinYoung and Shin YeEun as Lee Ahn and Yoon JaeIn

JinYoung is at the hospital and Shin YeEun makes a surprise visit to him. JinYoung surrounds her -thinking it was his hyung- with the curtain and hugs her.

After they talk for a bit, Shin YeEun and JinYoung’s trust and feelings for each other goes one step further. They share a delicate and meaningful handshake.


2- “Touch Your Heart“

Lee DongWook and Yoo InNa as Kwon JungRok and Oh JinSim

This rom-com already ended and the final scenes of the drama have touched the viewers. The characters have a perfect happy ending with a romantic wedding. The couple looked very much in love. Viewers say goodbye to the sweet couple with smiles.



3- “Kill It“

Jang KiYong and NaNa as Kim SooHyun and Do HyunJin

“Kill It” just started but the chemistry of the main characters can be felt. Jang KiYong operates a cat that has been hit on the road and NaNa helps him with the surgery. After it ended, they bring the cat to rest. As they are looking at it, viewers can feel a certain connection between them. NaNa seems to admire him and it may be the start of her feelings.

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