Tottenham Hotspurs Winger Son HeungMin To Attend Military Training | Kpopmap



According to various reports, professional footballer Son HeungMin, who currently plays for the EPL’s Tottenham Hotspurs as a winger, will soon be attending his military training.

But wait. Wouldn’t the time that he spends in the military service be a hindrance to his golden career? Of course it would be. Which is why it is also very fortunate that he will only be having four weeks of basic boot camp training.

The reason why is because he was part of the gold-medal winning team during the 2018 Asian Games. Athletes who have represented South Korea and won gold medals are granted an exemption from the nation’s mandatory military service, which lasts approximately two years.

It has also been confirmed that Tottenham Hotspurs have given Son permission to return to his home country to attend to his personal matters.

The training is set to begin on April 20th.

Stay tuned for updates.