tvN Holds Press Conference for Mon-Tues Drama Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter


The teasers for Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter are all so cute, bright and cheerful I wonder why the leads didn’t bring the same mood to the press conference held this week. Everyone was dressed so fuddy duddy especially lead actress Moon Chae Won. Her dress is a dizzying sack and her shoes must be burned I loath the V-cut so much. Kang Mina is younger and is going with red hair to brighten her visuals but otherwise her blue dress is rather nondescript as well. Male leads Yoon Hyun Min and Seo Ji Hoon look more in place as professors at an academic conference but for their distracting lipsticks, and collectively the four are much too somber for what is a woman searches for long-lost husband fantasy romance tale.