tvN Switches Airing Schedule Moving Great Show with Song Seung Heon Next then Catch the Ghost with Moon Geun Young in October


There’s a switcheroo with the tvN Mon-Tues K-drama airing time slot. The network is delaying subway police drama Catch the Ghost until October rather last minute and and will family political drama Great Show first in August after Designated Survivor. So Moon Geun Young and Song Seung Heon are switching spots and I’m good with that. The reason given is that the network wants Catch the Ghost to have more time filming which I’m totally onboard with. Great Show has filmed already so hopefully it can get its promos ready quickly. Great Show is about a materialistic failed politician that suddenly has to take care of four siblings and ends up rebooting his political aspirations again and hopefully finding his decent side. Joining Song Seung Heon is Lee Sun Bin and Im Joo Hwan.