tvN Wed-Thurs Drama Her Private Life Premieres with Decent 2.661% Ratings


My new drama crack is here and it’s nearly lived up to my own hyped up hype. I totally get that my love for Kim Jae Wook and soft spot for Park Min Young irrationally gives Her Private Life more dues that it earned in the promo stage but now that it’s aired I can safely say it’s good enough to merit all my affection. The first episode brought in 2.661% which isn’t bad but not primed for being a tvN hit yet. The reviews are mixed, with some not seeing any difference in Park Min Young’s performance from Why Secretary Kim or finding the story rather thin, and others enjoying the cute lighthearted romp without a lot of pointless stakes. I’m in the latter category, this story is sweet and simple so I can enjoy the pretty and just be a fangirl for once. Nicely done, drama casting gods.