TWICE NaYeon’s Supposed Stalker Opens Up Saying His Family Has Been Threatened

twice nayeon stalker


The man who is currently identified as TWICE member NaYeon’s “stalker” has spoke out once again, claiming that it’s actually JYP Entertainment that is scaring NaYeon more than him, from his perspective.

He also went on to say that there have been several people who reached out to him and pretended to be supportive of his pursuit of NaYeon. They asked for his personal information such as surname, address, and etc. He claims that these people found these information out for the purposes of potentially harming him and his family as well.

You can see what he has to say in the video below.

The man also claims that JYP Entertainment is responsible for wrongfully portraying him.

At the moment, he is demanding that JYP Entertainment release a recorded conversation between him and a staff member.


Stay tuned for updates!