TXT’s YeonJun Cutely Shares A Bite Of Corndog With TaeHyun During V-Live

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V-Live Screenshot

Fans love it when their K-Pop idols hold V-Live sessions and it is even better when other members appear during the V-Live suddenly!

On Dec. 21, TXT ‘s TaeHyun was having a ‘worries’ consultation time with his fans, MOA through V-Live. Many MOA was watching the V-Live and loved it when TaeHyun shared some of his opinions on the problems and worries which MOA had submitted to him.

You can check out the full re-run below!

Halfway through, member YeonJun also appeared in the V-Live session while eating a delicious looking corn dog.

He offered a bite to TaeHyun and MOA could not help but found the moment adorable! One fan had cut out the short clip and posted online below. Take a look for yourself!

Many could not help but mentioned how the cheese was dangling from YeonJun’s mouth when he fed TaeHyun and also how TaeHyun was eyeing the corndog when YeonJun had first appeared.

Both idols seemed to love the taste of the corndog and praised how tasty it was.

MOA watching the V-Live also shared that they were happy to see that they are eating well and hope to see more cute interactions and moments like this.

Did you also find the two of them adorable?