Useful Items That TWICE JeongYeon Has Recommended

twice jeongyeon

JYP Entertainment

TWICE’s JeongYeon knows a thing or two about useful devices.

Which is why she has been seen on a few occasions showing everyone items that we didn’t know that we needed in our lives until we saw her demonstrating its usefulness.

During an episode of ‘We Like Zines!’ back in 2017, a few were shown.

You can check them out below!


An Umbrella Hat

This item sometimes might be useful if it’s raining lightly, and you just want to keep your face from getting wet. Points for creativity, but we’re not sure if anyone would actually want to go out wearing this.


LED Light Lip Gloss

When beauty is of the utmost importance for some people, being able to apply lip gloss in the dark is also sometimes useful?


Alarm Clock & A Laser Gun

When you need to get up but also need the means to turn off the alarm somewhat conveniently.


Apple Peeler

Perhaps the most useful item on this list, for anyone who enjoys eating peeled apples, this device will conveniently remove it for you in no time.