Vagabond Production Releases New Morocco Filming Still of Leads Suzy and Lee Seung Gi as Lunar New Year Treat


The huge migration home has started for Lunar New Year 2019 and this weekend leading up to the actual New Year Day on Tuesday February 5th will be filled with lots of travel, downtime, and cleaning for most Asian families. The production team of pre-filmed action drama Vagabond released a treat today to celebrate lunar new year, a new filming still from the extensive overseas shoot in Morocco with leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy. in the back of a taxi. I LOL’d at how the taxi driver’s face is blurred, if the guy was an actor then this should be fine to use and if he really was just a taxi driver then how cool to be a part of a drama shoot when he picked up two very pretty Korean passengers. Today is also the first day of February which means another month down and three more months to go until Vagabond’s premiere in May, woo hoo!

This post is also a good place to share recent birthday celebration pictures for Lee Seung Gi who turned 32 years old on January 13th (33 in Korean years). He got to blow out candles with both the Vagabond staff including Suzy and also with his cast mates on the variety show All The Butlers (Master of the House).