Veteran actors Lee Jong-hyuk, Kim Won-hae to appear in ‘He is Psychometric’


Actors Lee Jong-hyuk and Kim Won-hae will be making special appearances in the upcoming tvN series He is a Psychometric, which tells the story of Lee Ahn (GOT7’s Jinyoung) who can read people’s minds by merely touching an item they own, and Yoon Jae-in (Shin Ye-eun), a police officer with a secret. The two will become good friends and will team up together to solve cases.

Lee Jong-hyuk will briefly appear in the drama as Lee Jung-rok, Lee Ahn’s father. He is a policeman with a passion for justice. His son looks up to him for his great work as a public servant. Kim Won-hae, meanwhile, will play Lee Ahn’s high school math teacher. He and Lee Ahn bicker with each other over many things and have effective chemistry together. When Yoon Jae-in enters their school, the math teacher will face a lot of unexpected events.

Photo Credit: Xportnews

Both actors are veterans in the field, and their brief participation in the drama will make the story more interesting. Actor Lee Jong-hyuk was well-loved in his roles in A Gentleman’s Dignity and Cyrano Dating Agency. Kim Won-hae, on the other hand, is best known for his comical roles in SNL Korea and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

He Is Psychometric is labeled as a fantasy romantic comedy with fresh drama aspects. It will be refreshing to see a new breed of actors work with veterans to make a masterpiece. The series is scheduled to air on tvN on March 11, taking over the timeslot currently occupied by The Crowned Clown.

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