VICTON’s ByungChan Is Upset That UP10TION’s Lee JinHyuk Had Watched “Frozen 2” Without Him

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V-Live / Lee JinHyuk Instagram

Many K-Pop fans might have already noticed but there is a lovely friendship formed between VICTON ‘s ByungChan and UP10TION ‘s Lee JinHyuk.

A few months ago, the two idols talked about how they had decided to catch the movie “Frozen 2” when it was released during their respective’s V-Live and Instagram Live.

On Nov. 23, Lee JinHyuk had updated his Instagram with a post. Apparently, he had the watched the movie with Lee SeJin and Kim MinKyu without ByungChan.

He also added how he had bought the tickets, Lee SeJin had bought the popcorn and it was Kim MinKyu’s first time printing a photo ticket.

It seemed like the 3 of them had a great time together but many also left comments asking about ByungChan since they had initially promised to watch with each other.

Later on that night, ByungChan held a V-Live session and many ALICE began to ask if he had managed to catch “Frozen 2” yet.

An ALICE had cut the clip from V-Live session where ByungChan had answered to the question and you can watch it above.

He had said, “Frozen 2? Not yet. I wanted to watch it but someone had already watched it. I had initially had someone to watch with but that person already watched it.”

Many could not help but laughed at his comment as many knew that he was referring to Lee JinHyuk since he had watched it earlier with Lee SeJin and Kim MinKyu.

With that being said, many left funny comments such as asking ByungChan to watch the movie with them. Some also mentioned that ByungChan is upset and Lee JinHyuk better watched another time with him.

VICTON had concluded their promotions for ‘nostalgic night’ and will be heading to Japan for their Asia tour “VOICE TO ALICE” on Nov. 29.

Did you also find ByungChan and Lee JinHyuk adorable?