VICTON’s SeungWoo Opens Up Individual Instagram Account

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VICTON’s SeungWoo Instagram

It is definitely not a dream but VICTON ‘s SeungWoo has just opened up his individual Instagram account on Jan. 17.

If you have yet to follow him, you can do so below.

SeungWoo had uploaded a selfie of himself together with the caption “Hello, this is Han SeungWoo. It has been a while..! I really miss you”. Seeing how SeungWoo had updated fans about himself after the disband of X1 , many are glad to see that he is doing well.

Previously, it was announced by Play M Entertainment that SeungWoo will be taking a break for the time being before deciding on his future directions. VICTON had just completed their 1st solo concert “New World” back in Jan. 4 and 5.

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