Videos Showing Women Being Raped Found In Jung JoonYoung’s Chat Room

jung joonyoung seungri

While the scandals involving Jung JoonYoung’s chat room initially were mainly about explicit videos filmed through hidden cameras, things just got even more serious and ugly as new videos that have been uncovered during the course of the investigations show that there were around ten different women who were victims of aggravated rape.

According to lawyer Bang JungHyun, the man who first handed over the chat room contents over to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission, photos and video clips of the participants of the chatroom performing sexual activities on multiple unconscious women have been discovered.

When the victims were notified of the videos and photos, all of them were in shock to learn about it as they had no recollection or memory of being raped, but saw themselves in the videos and photos in an unconscious state.

In addition, one of the participants of the chat room even attempted to rape a conscious woman, but when he failed to do so, he resorted to taking advantage of another unconscious woman.

Among the confirmed suspects regarding the recent crime, Bang JungHyun has revealed that one of them is a celebrity.

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