Viewers Eager to Know Whether Flirty Lee Do Hyun or Sweet Lee Tae San is IU’s Past Love in Hotel Del Luna


I totally knew it wasn’t Lee Do Hyun‘s Chun Myung right off the bat as IU‘s past love in Hotel Del Luna. Lee Tae San‘s Yeon Woo is too cute to just be her platonic sidekick, plus the way she was so worried about him and so happy to see him after being separated in the robbery spoke volumes. But her chemistry with Lee Do Hyun is wonderful to watch and he totally may be the guy she’s going to fall for soon, but what happened in the past between these three is gonna get so messy and hurty and I’m going to lap up the angst. I think Man Wol falls for Chun Myung romantically while loving Yeon Woo platonically, but then Yeon Woo dies for her and she thinks Chun Myung caused it or betrayed her so she’s suffering in eternal limbo in penance for the guys she loved in different ways. Who knows, it’s not a terrible suffering what with her champagne, caviar, and fashionista life style bossing everyone around now lol.