Wednesday-Thursday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of June

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Wednesday-Thursday K-Dramas’ ratings are back! Which drama would have come first this week?

“Save Me 2” (OCN) ended this week. From July 17, “Class of Lies” with Yoon KyunSang, Geum SaeRok, U-KISS’s Jun and Choi YooHwa will start.


June 26 (Wednesday)
“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Ep. 22 KBS 8.1%
“One Spring Night” Ep. 22 MBC 7.9%
“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Ep. 21 KBS 7.6%
“One Spring Night” Ep. 21 MBC 6%
“Search WWW“ tvN 3.4%
“Save Me 2″ OCN 3%
“My Absolute Boyfriend” Ep. 26 SBS 2.2%
“My Absolute Boyfriend” Ep. 25 SBS 1.8%


June 27 (Thursday)
“One Spring Night” Ep. 24 MBC 8%
“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Ep. 24 KBS 7.1%
“One Spring Night” Ep. 23 MBC 6%
“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” Ep. 23 KBS 5.8%
“Save Me 2″ OCN 3.6%
“Search: WWW” tvN 3.3%
“My Absolute Boyfriend” Ep. 27 SBS 2.8%
“My Absolute Boyfriend” Ep. 28 SBS 2.3%


“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” ratings decreased on Thursday.

“One Spring Night” ratings increased this week.

“My Absolute Boyfriend” ratings decreased this week.

“Search: WWW” ratings decreased from last Thursday’s 3.6%.

“Save Me 2” ratings increased significantly with the final. The drama reached its best-ever ratings with 3.6%. For information, the drama started at 1.4%.

You can check last week ratings of Wednesday-Thursday dramas here.

Which drama are you watching?


You can check Wednesday-Thursday dramas pictures below.


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Main Channels: Korea’s three major broadcasting networks including KBS, MBC and SBS.

Cable Channels: JTBC, tvN, MBN, Olive, OCN, and others.