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weeekly Official Twitter

has just debuted about a week ago and they are definitely showing potential growth as a group!

On June 30, they had released their debut album “We Are” and title track ‘Tag Me (@Me)’. You should definitely should check out their vibrant and youthful music video if you have yet to do so below.

In addition to the large amount of views on their debut music video, it was also reported that they had sold more than 9,900 copies of their album as well. This makes them the best selling female K-Pop group which had debuted as of June 2020.

Weeekly has been drawing the attention of many K-Pop lovers especially since they have been actively promoting as Play M girls about a year ago. They have been busy communicating with their fans and also showing off their skills and charms through various platforms.

It is also expected by many that the group is going to hit big because they had to cancel their fan showcase during their debut because of a fire that broke out near the venue of their showcase. For those who believe in superstitions, it was said that fire is a sign which means that a group will do well in the future.

Weeekly Gains Attention For Their Potential Growth Since Debut

weeekly Official Twitter

Aside from the incident, many also noticed how each members have their own unique charm and personalities, showing how they differentiate from other groups.

Weeekly is currently promoting ‘Tag Me (@Me)’ on various music shows.

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